respect for the diversity of view

investing in our communities

Through the programmes we offer regularly, we support the development of our staff, as well as future journalist recruits; support the activity of local civil society groups and draw attention to problems concerning the wider public.

GLAMOUR wardrobe refreshment project

Year after year, GLAMOUR magazine’s wardrobe refreshment campaign encourages shoppers to consume in an eco-friendly manner. At the programme held each year at the beginning of summer, GLAMOUR asks its readers to act responsibly and not disregard clothes they no longer wear by sending in these clothes in a good state to the editorial in the magazine’s iconic clothes collection bag to be able to pass them on to others in the pop-up shop set up for this specific purpose. The magazine donates the funds collected from the weekend shopping of readers to a foundation nominated in the given year. The clothes-swap campaign has been a constant success since 2014.

Blikk Evenings

Blikk launched a series of free university lectures called Blikk Evenings in 2017, focusing on current affairs. The audience may become acquainted with the opinion of the experts in a given issue at round-table discussions.

GEO photo competitons

Regular thematic photo competitions of GEO magazine draws attention to the natural beauties of our planet, the natural wonders in our immediate and wider surroundings and the protection of these several times a year.

digital media campus days

Digital Media Campus not only helps to develop employees in the form of in-house trainings. Our experts hold lectures for university students major in  communication and media to pass on digital know-how accumulated by the publisher to the next generation of journalists.

supporting our workforce

At Ringier Axel Springer, we invest in programmes and initiatives that support the professional development of staff and promote cooperation at every company level, as well as internationally. We are convinced that lifelong learning is an important key to maintain an agile and innovative workforce. Ringier Axel Springer offers programmes that prepare the next management and journalist generation alike.

digital media campus

The Digital Media Campus is the excellence program by Ringier Axel Springer Media AG to train its young and talented journalists and prepare them for all the requirements of digital publishing.

traineeship for our future talents

Each year the editorials of Ringier Axel Springer Hungary offer young career starters the opportunity to gather experiences in journalism. On top of the compulsory university traineeship, journalists of the future may put their skills to the test and take part in the day-to-day work of editorials.