Mar 27, 2020

Stay home! – urge the newspaper covers across Hungary today

The Hungarian press cooperates in order to slow down the epidemic

Fotó: Czeglédi Zsolt, MTI

Stay home! – call the covers of the biggest Hungarian dailies and online news portals today on their readers. The responsibility of the media cannot be questionable even during “peacetime”, but it gains even more significance in situations like the Covid-19 pandemic. Having a perception of the actual circumstances, the leading Hungarian daily papers and online news sites started a cooperation to call attention to the most important social message nowadays on their covers. The joint action is supported by the print media represented by Blikk, Bors, Lokál, Népszava, Nemzeti Sport, Magyar Hírlap, Magyar Nemzet, Ripost, Világgazdaság, every county dailies, and their online editions, as well as by the following digital media outlets:,,, HVG Online,,, and

Avoiding social contact is now our most effective weapon in order to slow down the spreading of Covid-19. The message is by now well-known in Hungary and basically all over the world. According to the data of the French news agency AFP, in 70 countries and regions more than 3 billion people – more than a third of the world’s population – have been asked to stay at home in order to curb the epidemic. As it is shown by many international examples though, not everyone takes the call to stay in voluntary quarantine seriously enough, so it is well worth reminding everyone to do so. It is important to raise awareness of the fact that every single one of us has a role to play in slowing down the spread of the virus. Therefore, it cannot be repeated enough to – if possible – stay home and minimize all personal contact.

The actual cooperation of the most significant Hungarian news outlets is especially noteworthy, considering the extraordinary struggle for priority in reporting breaking news among the actors of the domestic media industry. Hence, it can be exemplary for every future action, even for other industries.

The cooperation was initiated by Ringier Axel Springer Hungary and the Hungarian Publishers’ Association.