Feb 19, 2019

Ringier Axel Springer Hungary continues its Bookazine history series with World War II

Last November, Ringier Axel Springer Hungary released its first book magazine. The success of the World War I colored booklet outstripped expectations and the publisher decided to strengthen this product line this year. Today, the next installment of the series released, which processes the events of World War II.

"Our experience at GEO Magazine has shown that Hungarian readers of literary literature are particularly open to historical topics," - says Kinga Koszó-Stammberger, Editor-in-Chief of the Bookazine Bestseller series. That's what the publishing company built on when it launched its first World War I bookazine in November last year. With a lot of illustrations, contemporary photos and content insights, this colorful educational publication has attracted extraordinary interest, so in 2019 another four volumes are expected.

Second member of the series, The history of World War II is already on the shelves of newsstands. "This volume provides a detailed overview of the key events of the war, from the invasion of Poland to the disarmament of Japan, but also highlights the aftermath of the war, from the liberation of the death camps, through the Nazis to the first sign of the Cold War. This time, we're targeting an adult reading audience, because the bookazine is about a war and we're shedding light on the losses" - says the editor-in-chief of the volume.

Of course, the genre's characteristics also make a significant contribution to the success of the bookazine format, as the publication provides a comprehensive, spectacular overall view of an interesting topic, but is focused on providing useful and valuable content to the reader in a credible and single-source manner. With all this, the booklet can offer more to today's reader than browsing the web.

Press contact:
Eszter Varga
Corporate Communications Manager
Ringier Axel Springer Hungary Kft.
M: +36 30 606 7215