May 07, 2019

NOIZZ redesigned

The NOIZZ portal, four years after its launch, is undergoing a redesign. The new simplified black and white graphical format is to improve the legibility of the page, bring the content to the foreground and highlight the urban nature of the website. The changes also include the introduction of new topic sections and editorial formats. The process affects all the markets where NOIZZ is available: Hungary, Poland, Germany, Serbia, Romania and Slovakia. The concept and execution of the redesign is the responsibility of the team headed by NOIZZ international editor-in-chief Filip Połoska.

“Redesign is another strong move underlining our market leader position on urban portals market in the Central Europe region. During the past two years, we have proven our credibility in topics such as fashion, social matters or ecology and we want the new look of the website to reflect it well” – says Filip Połoska.

The new visual identification and changes to the portal are a response to reader expectations. Streamlining the content and the new design are to remind of premium magazines. A big change will be the highlighting of the main categories on the home page and higher visibility of the authors of texts. “It is the next stage of development for us, we wish to involve the readers even more and present the editorial staff better, as we are very proud of the team we have managed to create together” – adds Połoska.

“When refreshing the NOIZZ identification we were driving at streamlining the existing solutions, putting logic into their applications and creating a minimalistic brand visual system so that it forms a background for the editorial contents” – says Bartek Kozłowski, artistic director, Ringier Axel Springer Polska, responsible for the redesign process. “The quest for minimalism and design simplicity was the driver that led us to develop a visual organisation based on squares” – adds Kozłowski.

The editors are planning an even tighter interrelation of the website with Instagram. Moreover, several new formats will be introduced, including the housing format “Na wynajmie” (“Tenants”) authored series on sex life, or Q&As on hot topics with experts. In turn, the video column will be extended with a series on ecology and sustainable lifestyle.

Along the redesign also new premium advertising formats will be created.

“In 2018 we have achieved all our business targets. We also noted a very big increase in special projects and managed to establish the collaboration with lot of valuable customers. When working on the special projects, in particular, we have noticed the need to accommodate non-standard and creative solutions, so the change in advertising formats was also very important to us to allow promoting our partners better” - comments Martyna Majchrzak, Group Digital Publishing Manager at Ringier Axel Springer Media AG.

For the NOIZZ redesign, a campaign is planned to support the new platform, beginning with strong online activities, through print advertising, series of new editorial features and collaboration with influencers.

NOIZZ is an urban lifestyle website of Ringier Axel Springer Polska. It focuses on topics of interest to urban dwellers, from fashion and lifestyle, through music up to social, environmental and political topics. The website was created in Poland in 2015 and is also present in Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Hungary. In recent months, NOIZZ has been collaborating with brands such as adidas, Nike, New Balance, Samsung, Netflix and Facebook. Last year NOIZZ has run a loud campaign “Here we drink without straws” that resulted in plastic straws disappearing from over 700 Polish bars and restaurants. It is involved in the promotion of music festivals and has extended its patronage to the tour of Dawid Podsiadło. On all the markets, NOIZZ has 11 million unique visitors (according to Google Analytics). has 3.9 million unique visitors.

Press contact:
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