Apr 02, 2020

We have published some of our magazines and bookazines for free

Historical bookazines can be useful for home schooling

Ringier Axel Springer Hungary is pleased to join those service providers who want to make readers’ lives easier and more enjoyable with free content during the COVID-19 epidemic. To this end we have published the previous issues of our GLAMOUR and GEO magazines and also two of our bookazines in a digital form, for free. With doing so, our publishing house would like to provide useful content for those seeking information and entertainment during the extraordinary situation.

Historical bookazines for home schooling

Now that school education is taking place at home, historical bookazines can be a particularly useful read, as they add professional and credible knowledge to textbooks.

Illustrative and easy-to-use subject processing with rich photographic material can greatly enhance existing knowledge, or even gain new knowledge by making difficult topics and parallel events easier to understand, said Kinga Koszó-Stammberger, Editor-in-Chief of the Bookazine Bestseller series.

Besides the History of World War I. and II. bookazines, the digital version of previous issues of GLAMOUR and GEO magazines are also available free of charge at issuu.comGlamour.hu and Blikk.hu/bookazine.