Oct 03, 2018

GLAMOUR Magazine’s Wardrobe Refreshment Action helped NANE Society This Year

GLAMOUR magazine held its successful clothes swap action for the 5. time last weekend on 29-30 September in Budapest Fashion Street. Sticking to traditions, the campaign once again served good causes: in addition to promoting environmentally-friendly consumption amongst shoppers, the sum collected from the weekend shopping of readers, over 650,000 HUF has been donated to Hungarian ‘Women For Women Against Violence Society’ (NANE). Donation will cover the setting-up of an online call center which enables volunteers to receive emergency calls from their homes also.

GLAMOUR organizes its environmental conscious charity action year-by-year: the magazine askes its readers and social followers to reduce their eco-footprint and not to discard clothes they don't wear anymore, but to act responsibly and send them into the editorial office in the magazine's iconic pink bag. The magazine sets up its pop-up shop explicitly for passing these clothes to new owners who can grab trendy pieces for 500 HUF each.

This year's Wardrobe Refreshment broke records: more GLAMOUR-branded bags stuffed with clothes were offered than ever before. The number of pink bags exceeded last year’s amount by 25 percent. A sum of more than 650,000 HUF (2,000 EUR) were donated for the in-style second-hand clothes which is offered to Hungary’s Women For Women Against Violence Society (NANE) by the magazine. Clothes remaining after the event is offered to Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta by GLAMOUR’s publisher, Ringier Axel Springer Hungary.

„Toll free emergency phone line of NANE receives the calls of abuses women for nearly 25 years, since 1994. Our helping experts handle nearly 1,000 calls each year in their own free time, in voluntary work. GLAMOUR’s offering finally enables us to renew the whole system of our telephone line so it will be easier to redirect calls into the homes of our volunteers. This really means a help for us”, - said Zsuzsanna Winkler from NANE.

My thank you belongs primarily to our readers and followers because year-by-year more of them take the effort to send in their clothes they no longer wear and participate on our event. The number of our partners also rose this year: above the operator company of Fashion Street, Surf detergent brand, Foxpost package-order service and Bubbles cleaning network joined our common goal. My colleagues at the editorial office have also been working for the success of this action for months. I am thankful for the effors of all participants”, said Krisztina Maróy editor-in-chief of GLAMOUR.

Wardrobe Refreshment project was supported by five Hungarian fashion vloggers this year – Vivien Alexy, Hajni Herczeg, Soulshine by Andi, Ditke and Kitti Czene. The influencer cooperation managed by HIVE Creative agency was successful: a total of 19 thousand followers liked the Instagram posts of the five vloggers, their YouTube videos reached alltogether 128 thousand people. Their posts received 5 thousand likes and 250 comments on YouTube.

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