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May 10, 2019

Blikk Talk! launched

Blikk will continue its public-facing audience meetings and live check-ins under its new name, Blikk Talk, to bring current issues of public interest closer to its readers. These days, controversy over the European elections will be discussed, and lifestyle talks are expected later.

Blikk Talk! has evolved from the previously introduced Blikk Evenings debate series. The extension of the range of topics and formats is expected: In the future, Blikk will be featured more frequently in live studio conversations and free public discussions, not only on public affairs topics but also on lighter, lifestyle topics.

With Blikk Talk!, the brand aims to build an even more interactive relationship with its readership and followers. With online voting, live streams on social platforms, and countless videos, it offers formats that today’s typical news consumers would expect.

The first Blikk Talk! presented expert opinions on the outcome of the forthcoming European Parliament elections with the participation of political analysts Zoltán Ceglédi and Ágoston Sámuel Mráz on the 7th of May. The debate was broadcasted live by Blikk, and the video posted on its social network has been watched by about 11,000 people since its upload. The series continues today: On the 10th of May, Blikk will host MEP István Ujhelyi in the studio, and on the 15th of May, Tamás Deutsch will attend the program. Live broadcasts can be followed on and on the Facebook page of Blikk.

Blikk Talk! also made a successful debut at the Media Hungary conference: Antónia Mészáros, László Palik and András Bárdos talked about the topic of life beyond television. Blikk Talk! will continue with interesting conversations throughout the year. Previous recordings and current Blikk Talk! news are available at

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